American Reshoring

USA flagYou may have heard the term Reshoring being thrown around on television and even on some other blogs lately. And while you know that Rehsoring is good for America, do you know why? This blog aims to answer those questions you may have.

First, it is important to recognize that the United States used to be a manufacturing powerhouse. But as companies tried to cut costs, they sent many jobs overseas, resulting in the loss of American jobs and an increased trade deficit. Rehsoring is fixing that problem. It allows the United States to increase its exports and regain manufacturing jobs, putting more people to work.

Reshoring not only puts more Americans to work, it also increases the efficiency and quality of the manufacturing plants. By having plants in the United States, companies are able to supply American industries more quickly, while also reducing the carbon footprint caused by shipping products. As Just In Time (JIT) becomes the norm, companies are expecting to have their products when they need them and not a second sooner or later. By avoiding long shipping times, as well as possible Customs hold ups, manufacturers get their finished products into the hands of their customers without delay.

Pucel is proud to have kept our manufacturing in the United States and we are very excited to see more companies return. Please contact us today to see how we can help you.

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