Custom Modification Makes the Difference

You can take your suit or dress to a tailor for that special, unmistakable feeling of a custom fit, but how do you get the perfect fit from your industrial equipment? Custom shop equipment, material carts, stock trucks, workbenches, and lockers are not easy to come by. Many companies will only give you the option of what is in their catalog, limiting your vision of exactly what you want and need. It can be a difficult, frustrating, and arduous process to select the perfect product from a finite menu of options. So what if you could take a sketch with your exact specifications and requirements to a custom designer plan and have them manufacture the perfect piece of equipment, just for you?

Versatility and consolidation are very important when choosing the right storage and equipment for your space. You want something that will be functional in a variety of different applications and will make the most of your available area. Pucel understands these needs, so if you can’t find what you want in our standard 64-page catalog, we will think outside of the box to create a custom solution.

Here at Pucel, that has been our history since 1949. Our customers’ needs come first and we will do any custom work that you may require. We will modify a standard product in our catalog or we can completely customize a product from scratch. Unlike other custom manufacturers, the size of your order will not affect your job. Whether you need one custom product or thousands, we will take on the project and deliver on our promise of the perfect custom product. Our family owned and operated business has your needs in mind and the experience and expertise to meet them. Our core values set us apart from other manufacturers where what is in the catalog is strictly what you can get. Let Pucel give you that custom fit feeling.

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