Made in America is Making A Comeback.

Manufacturing in the U.S. is making a comeback and is set to grow even more in the coming years. With the global recession mostly behind us, many Americans are beginning to understand how important manufacturing at home really is. The more jobs sent overseas, the fewer jobs there are for Americans. Consumers are starting to understand that a cart filled with foreign made goods is not the best for the American worker.

The driving force behind the resurgence is the cutting edge technology that is used to manufacture most goods. The importance of computer skills and professional training is ingrained in most young Americans, and those skills are exactly what are needed in today’s modern manufacturing. Most new manufacturing jobs require a two-year technical degree. To help students understand this, many programs have been set up across the country to educate students about the STEM fields. These skilled American workers are setting the bar high for foreign-based manufacturers. This leads to higher quality goods, and consumers are taking notice.

Those same consumers can be very fickle at times and it is important for companies to quickly react to those changes in taste. With manufacturing facilities closer to the consumer, changes that would take two months with a foreign-based manufacturer can be completed in just weeks. Companies with plants situated in the United States do not have to worry about long shipping times and possible delays with customs.

For these reasons and many more, manufacturing seems to be returning to the United States. This is of course great for the economy. According to Time “Every $1 of manufacturing activity returns $1.48 to the economy.” While United States manufacturing may never be as big as it once was, this growth is still impressive and important

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