Making the Manufacturing Comeback

Since the end of the Great Recession, the manufacturing industry has regained almost 554,000 jobs. Companies as big as Apple and GE have brought major production processes back to U.S. shores: employing American workers and promoting American made goods. A recent study from the Congressional Joint Economic Committee shows that the manufacturing sector now accounts for 12 percent of GDP and employs about 12 million citizens across the country. Even the professional skills gap that has been a common gripe for many manufacturers with aging workforces is beginning to narrow. New programs and hiring initiatives are popping up all across the country to help train and match the new generation of workers to meet the growing needs of industry.

Manufacturing has come a long way from the depths of the recession, and more people are starting to realize its potential. Each manufacturing job now supports an additional 1.6 jobs. An advanced engineering job creates another 4.9 jobs. The heart of our economy’s success can be traced back to a healthy manufacturing sector. 2013 was a hopeful year for manufacturers, especially with the great success of the American auto industry. However, the recession cost 2.3 million of the industry’s jobs and there is still a long way to go to full recovery. Pucel is proud to be a part of the comeback and we support everyone who is working to help make it happen. What is good for the industry is good for individual manufacturers, so here’s to a healthy and lucrative 2014!

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