The State of Manufacturing

Is it the end of manufacturing as we know it or the beginning of a new wave industrial revival? Both opinions have been offered as fact very often in the past few months as the American economy gets back on its feet, so which should you believe?

The fact of the matter is that no one can really know for sure where the manufacturing economy is headed, but we can say for certain that some areas of the country are seeing strength in their industrial sectors. USA Today recently published an article naming the top ten states for manufacturing, and Ohio (our home state) came in at number 7. Ohio had the fifth largest manufacturing output in 2012, totaling $87.2 billion dollars, with a large chunk of the output coming from metals, rubber, and plastics businesses. It’s also one of the top states in the country for manufacturing employment with more than 658,000 jobs; only California and Texas had more.

While some economist argue that manufacturers are a dying breed, it is clear that many industrial businesses are evolving with new technology to provide fresh solutions in the field. Pucel is proud to be part of one of the biggest manufacturing economies in the nation and to provide jobs for hard working Ohio residents. America’s manufacturing industry is alive and kicking, and starting to make a real comeback after taking a big hit from the recession. In July, the sector grew for the second month in a row and we hope to see more growth in August!

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