Workbenches Help Put Americans Back to Work

Workbench. It seems like such a simple thing, like something you would see in a tiny garage workshop or your grandfather’s tool shed, but they can be so much more. In pucel 1today’s manufacturing environment, a trusted, well-made, and versatile workbench is simply a necessity. Tools and equipment must be easily accessible and well organized to ensure maximum efficiency in a shop or plant. Drawers, wheels, sliding doors, fluid drain tops, and more can be added to benches to enhance the work area.

Manufacturing activity is on the rise. In September, the PMI Index rose for the fourth pucel 3straight month, suggesting strong growth in factory orders and a positive outlook on the American economy. More orders mean more business, which leads to more hiring and the pucel 2need for more equipment. That’s where we come in. Pucel offers a variety of exceptionally manufactured workbenches and handling equipment to help accommodate the influx of orders and an increase in employees. A clean, organized, and well stocked shop can help shorten turnaround times and make your business an overall better place to work. American manufacturing is making a big comeback, and we are thrilled to be a part of the revolution by manufacturing and supplying all welded, heavy duty, powder coated equipment that won’t let your business down, even when you are up to your neck in orders!

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