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Heavy Duty Shop Trucks

Heavy duty shop trucks are designed in two or three shelf configuration. Units measure 32 1/2"H and have a shelf clearance of 10 1/8" on three shelf models and 22 1/4" on two shelf models. Floor clearance is 6 1/2".

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Heavy Duty Shop Trucks
Floor lock, wheel locks, tray or flat shelves, drawers, writing shelf on tray top models
skunamewidthheightdepthlengthweightAdd to Cart
1830-DT-2Heavy Duty Shop Trucks1833 1/23093
1830-DT-3Heavy Duty Shop Trucks1833 1/230116
1836-DT-2Heavy Duty Shop Trucks1833 1/236100
1836-DT-3Heavy Duty Shop Trucks1833 1/236128
1848-DT-2Heavy Duty Shop Trucks1833 1/248116
1848-DT-3Heavy Duty Shop Trucks1833 1/248152
1860-DT-2Heavy Duty Shop Trucks1833 1/260135
1860-DT-3Heavy Duty Shop Trucks1833 1/260180
2430-DT-2Heavy Duty Shop Trucks2433 1/230105
2430-DT-3Heavy Duty Shop Trucks2433 1/230134
2436-DT-2Heavy Duty Shop Trucks2433 1/236115
2436-DT-3Heavy Duty Shop Trucks2433 1/236150
2448-DT-2Heavy Duty Shop Trucks2433 1/248135
2448-DT-3Heavy Duty Shop Trucks2433 1/248180
2460-DT-2Heavy Duty Shop Trucks2433 1/260155
2460-DT-3Heavy Duty Shop Trucks2433 1/260210
3030-DT-2Heavy Duty Shop Trucks3033 1/230118
3030-DT-3Heavy Duty Shop Trucks3033 1/230152
3036-DT-2Heavy Duty Shop Trucks3033 1/236130
3036-DT-3Heavy Duty Shop Trucks3033 1/236172
3048-DT-2Heavy Duty Shop Trucks3033 1/248154
3048-DT-3Heavy Duty Shop Trucks3033 1/248210
3060-DT-2Heavy Duty Shop Trucks3033 1/260177
3060-DT-3Heavy Duty Shop Trucks3033 1/260242

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