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Cabinets FAQs

Build Custom Order

An all welded cabinet is ready to use with no assembly required.  This allows for quicker use of the unit and no wasted time putting it together.  It also means no seams.  No seams provide greater security and make the unit less susceptible to damage.

Heavy duty cabinets are constructed from 12 gauge and 14 gauge steel.  These materials are strong, sturdy, made to withstand heavy abuse, and are built to last.  Medium duty units are made from 16 gauge and 18 gauge steel.  Light duty units range from 20 gauge to 24 gauge steel.  Light duty units can be susceptible to damage and easily bent.

Carbon steel is a type of steel that has up to 2.5% of carbon content.  This carbon content allows for increased strength and makes the material very difficult to break under pressure.  Carbon steel can be painted.  Stainless steel is an alloy of iron that is resistant to rusting and corrosion.  It is known for its sharp appearance and the ability to be cleaned easily.  Stainless steel is typically not painted since it needs oxygen to repair its chromium oxide passive film which prevents corrosion.   

A custom product allows you to create exactly what you want to fit a specific need.  That can be certain clearances, dimensions, or capacities.  At Pucel, we will work with you through the process of designing, engineering, developing, and manufacturing to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for to increase productivity.  A custom product gives you the exact solution to incorporate 5S principles.

First, you need to establish what is the unit being used for, are there any capacities that are needed, and how much potential abuse will the unit endure.  From there, you will know if you need a light, medium, heavy, or extra heavy duty unit. 

No, flammable resistant cabinets require 18 gauge double wall construction with 1.5” airspace between walls.

A cabinet with a perforated door or a plexiglass door.  These units are see-through and allow for easy product identification & organization which eliminates wasted time searching for materials.  Both, are essential to a smooth workflow.

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