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Drum dollies are used to transport 30-gallon or 55-gallon drums of hazardous materials safely and easily. Adjustable versions

can accommodate round, square, rectangular, or any irregular shape size or container. Capacities range from 700 lbs. to 4,200 lbs.     

Stationary Workbenches

Workbenches include all welded (no assembly required) or knocked down (bolt together) versions. They can be ordered with a variety of top surfaces and options. Tops available are steel,

hardwood, composite wood, or laminate. Options include back and end stops, risers, pigeonhole units, drawers, a lower shelf, 34" height, and adjustable height of 32 1/2"H to 37 1/2'H.


Mobile Workbenches

Steel top workbenches that maneuver on casters.  Caster types include phenolic, semi-steel, polyurethane, and mold-on rubber.  Some units will include doors, drawers, and/or a 9-drawer toolbox.


Versatile Modular Workbenches

These workbenches allow you to choose components to fit your specific applications. They can easily be adapted or expanded later to meet changing

needs. These components include frame assembly, light & trolley assembly, pegboard panel, louvered panel, hanger bars, flat shelves, and sloped shelves.

Workbenches are essential for warehouses and manufacturing operations.  They are used for the storage of supplies and tools and assist in the assembly

process. We manufacture a variety of benches that are versatile, durable, and ergonomic to allow the user to be both comfortable and safe in their workspace.  

Stack racking allows for inventory to be stored in bundles or individual pieces. By stacking each individual rack, they save space on a warehouse floor and are

easily forklift accessible. (We manufacture RUF rack-u-frames and SRU stacking rack units. These are meant for the storage of steel bars, rods, angles, and tubing).        

The best racking system for this would be our RUF-260 units. They are ordered individually and then installed side by side

20 feet across and stacked a maximum of 4 units high. This length and height are ideal for maximum capacity and safety.   

It's important because it allows a company to keep stock near an employee's workstation. This will decrease the time spent on getting that stock from other

areas, allow for better inventory control, and reduce injury (employees will not be asked to lift heavy equipment as much or reach high storage areas).    

  1. Planning - Help eliminate bottlenecks or injuries when the material is being handled. Allow teams to work together to optimize the flow of materials from storage to production.
  2. Standardization - Put a system in place that allows products to be handled the same way every time, which will reduce downtime and increase productivity.  
  3. Work - Material handling work should be minimized without sacrificing productivity. 
  4. Ergonomic - Employees' capabilities and limitations must be recognized to ensure safe and effective operations. 
  5. Unit Load - Unit loads must be appropriate sizes to allow for material flow and inventory objectives.
  6. Space Utilization - Effective and efficient use of space.
  7. System - Material movement and storage should be fully integrated so that process flow can be traced from order receiving to claims handling and everything in between.  
  8. Automation - Processes should be automated when possible to improve efficiency, consistency, and lower operating costs.   
  9. Environmental - Environmental impact and energy consumption should be considered when selecting material handling equipment.
  10. Life Cycle Cost - Develop an economic analysis of your entire material handling system.

No, we do not have a required amount that is needed. 

Pucel products are available in 13 standard colors in addition to an infinite number of custom colors. A full list of standard colors can be found on our Resource Library page. 

Yes, our Research and Development department constantly strives to respond to the needs of our customers. We can modify or customize any product to your specifications to fit any job.  We will be with you through the whole process of designing, engineering, developing, and manufacturing of your product. Please fill out the Build Custom Order form located on our homepage to get started today. 

Yes, all of our Standard products can be modified to fit your needs. 

Pucel's products come powder coat finished and are available in 13 standard colors in addition to an infinite number of custom colors. 

The capacity varies depending on the product. Specific capacities can be found next to each item. Please contact us if you have questions regarding a specific product's capacity. 

The inside dimensions vary depending on the product. Please contact us if you have questions regarding a specific product's inside dimensions. 

Pucel's products are available nationwide through a network of Industrial Distributors. Click the button How to Purchase at the top of the page and submit the form to receive the name of your nearest distributor. If you would like to become a distributor of Pucel's products, please complete the Become a Distributor form located on our Homepage and we will be in touch very soon.  

Pucel's Standard Stainless Steel products use Type 304 #4 Finish. Other types and finishes are available.

All items are packaged for domestic shipment. An additional charge will be made for special packaging.

All of Pucel's products are manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. This guarantees the products are of the highest quality and enables Pucel to have the flexibility to customize a product for you in a timely manner.  Pucel is committed to building a stronger economy for the community and country.

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