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Storage Lockers FAQs 

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Plastic lockers are usually cheaper and lighter but may not be sturdy enough to tackle wear and tear. Wooden lockers are heavier and more durable but are susceptible to moisture that can damage the unit. Metal lockers are the perfect balance between durability, cost, and weight. With proper maintenance they are built to last.

First ask yourself what is the locker being used for? Different lockers offer different things. An athletic locker, wardrobe locker, and a multi-compartment tiered locker all offer different storage solutions that when chosen correctly can fit exactly what you need. Secondly, how much space do you have available? It is important to know how much space you have before you purchase a locker. Lockers are available as single units or multiple units. Multiple units cleverly utilize the available space, without compromising on storage.

It is important to choose an appropriate locking system based on the type of things you are storing in the locker. This will help determine how much security you need. Most standard lockers will provide a padlock loop so you can attach your own padlock to the unit to keep it secure. If you need even more security, you may want to look into combination locks, keyed handles, or RFID electronic locks.

Whether you go with a unit that has louvered vents or one that has full diamond perforations, ventilation allows for the circulation of air within a locker. This will help prevent moisture that can cause odor and mold. 

A tiered locker refers to how many openings are there on one locker frame. For example, sometimes it’s thought that when you have two openings on top of each other it is two different lockers, but it’s actually one frame, divided into two openings. This is referred to as a 2 Tiers. 

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