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Workbenches FAQs 

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Stationary Workbenches

Workbenches include all welded (no assembly required) or knocked down (bolt together) versions. They can be ordered with a variety of top surfaces and options. Tops available are steel,

hardwood, composite wood, or laminate. Options include back and end stops, risers, pigeonhole units, drawers, a lower shelf, 34" height, and adjustable height of 32 1/2"H to 37 1/2'H.


Mobile Workbenches

Steel top workbenches that maneuver on casters.  Caster types include phenolic, semi-steel, polyurethane, and mold-on rubber.  Some units will include doors, drawers, and/or a 9-drawer toolbox.


Versatile Modular Workbenches

These workbenches allow you to choose components to fit your specific applications. They can easily be adapted or expanded later to meet changing

needs. These components include frame assembly, light & trolley assembly, pegboard panel, louvered panel, hanger bars, flat shelves, and sloped shelves.

Workbenches are essential for warehouses and manufacturing operations.  They are used for the storage of supplies and tools and assist in the assembly

process. We manufacture a variety of benches that are versatile, durable, and ergonomic to allow the user to be both comfortable and safe in their workspace.  

Identify what type of work that will be performed on the bench.  This will affect everything from the size of the bench, to the surface material, storage requirements, and ergonomic considerations.  Make sure you have the correct size.  How much space is available in your work environment, does the whole top surface have to be within arm’s reach, will you be working with large equipment that will require a higher capacity?  Another item to consider is what are your storage requirements.  There are plenty of options above and below the workbench surface that will provide plenty of storage space.  Lastly, do you have any lighting or power requirements?  Paying attention to all these factors will help you find the right workbench to fit your needs. 

Workbenches can be furnished with either a steel top or a wood top. There are 3 common variations in wood tops (hardwood, composite wood, and laminate wood). Steel tops are durable, corrosion-resistant, and hold up very well to abuse. Hardwood tops are constructed from solid oak or maple, have a high weight capacity, and are easy to clean. Composite wood tops are manufactured from a variety of materials that may include wood, plastic, and straw. They are less expensive than hardwood but are weather resistant.  Laminate wood tops are affordable, lightweight, and non-conductive, so they are perfect for working on electrical appliances. They are less effective for heavy-duty projects. Laminate tops are also a good surface if you’re working with chemicals as the plastic material cleans easily.

An ESD-compliant workbench is one that reduces or eliminates electric static that can shock people, charged devices, and machines.  ESD (electrostatic discharge) surfaces are designed to help dissipate electric static, rather than letting it build up.  These workbenches are used for assembly, packaging, and working with sensitive electronic equipment.

A standard workbench will come with 2 or 3 bench leg assemblies depending on the length of the bench and a top surface.  From there you can add drawers, a lower shelf, a pigeonhole unit, a riser shelf, and back & end stops.  Attached to the back of the workbench, a versatile frame assembly can be added that can accept pegboard panels, louvered panels, a light & tool trolley assembly, versatile hanger bars, air hanger bars, electrical hanger bars, flat shelves, sloped shelves, and plastic storage bins.

It is important to know what type of surface the unit will be rolling on.  Certain casters perform better on certain surfaces.  For instance, rubber casters can compress and bend and are best for hardwood floors.  Polyurethane casters offer the right balance between heavy-duty load-bearing and surface protection.  They are great on concrete floors.  Steel casters are strong and fracture resistant.  They require minimal pressure to roll and are built for heavy loads and extreme heat.  Steel casters can handle the most uneven and rough floor surfaces.

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