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Hardwood Top Hydraulic Benches

These hardwood top ergonomic benches allow operators to adjust their work surface to a specific height with ease. Benches can be ordered with 12" or 16" adjustment (manual or electric). Manual crank is not available for benches 96" or longer. Starting height of 29"H.

Build Custom Order
Hardwood Top Hydraulic Benches
Drawers, risers, pigeon hole units, back & endstops
skunamewidthheightdepthlengthweightAdd to Cart
HBW-3048-M12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3048178
HBW-3048-M16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3048178
HBW-3048-E12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3048196
HBW-3048-E16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3048196
HBW-3060-M12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3060203
HBW-3060-M16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3060203
HBW-3060-E12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3060221
HBW-3060-E16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3060221
HBW-3072-M12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3072227
HBW-3072-M16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3072227
HBW-3072-E12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3072245
HBW-3072-E16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3072245
HBW-3096-E12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3096329
HBW-3096-E16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3096329
HBW-30120-E12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench30120377
HBW-30120-E16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench30120377
HBW-3648-M12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3648194
HBW-3648-M16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3648194
HBW-3648-E12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3648212
HBW-3648-E16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3648212
HBW-3660-M12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3660222
HBW-3660-M16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3660222
HBW-3660-E12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3660240
HBW-3660-E16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3660240
HBW-3672-M12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3672249
HBW-3672-M16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3672249
HBW-3672-E12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3672267
HBW-3672-E16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3672267
HBW-3696-E12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3696359
HBW-3696-E16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench3696359
HBW-36120-E12Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench36120412
HBW-36120-E16Hardwood Top Hydraulic Workbench36120412

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