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Industries Served

Pucel's products can be found in many industries. Listed below are a few examples of the industries that Pucel serves.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Pucel Enterprises offers products that are durable and dependable to help the workflow and process of your facility. Products like workbenches and standing shop desks are a perfect way to integrate workstations in your facility and plant. Pucel's long list of material handling products will ensure that your work areas are running smoothly and efficiently.  The manufacturing and the industrial industry is growing at a rapid rate. Pucel can work with you on your project to customize a product that will solve any problem.

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Hospitals and healthcare facilities are continuously expanding and having to adapt to new regulations in the medical industry. Pucel Enterprises offers a wide range of products that help with storing and transporting in these facilities. Some examples are utility carts, bin cabinets and lockers are just a few products that Pucel offers to help the medical industry. 


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Pucel's lockers and heavy-duty shelf racks are just a few of the products that are perfect for the military industry. The heavy-duty all-welded shelf rack is extremely rugged to hold heavy loads up to 6,000 pounds total and can be bolted together in rows to fit any job. Whether the job calls for storing personal items or materials and supplies, Pucel Enterprises can work with you to make sure the requirements are met to get the job done.


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Education & Training

Education, training, and innovation all play a major role in leading industries to become bigger and better. Whether it's a school or corporate learning environment, Pucel Enterprises offers products that will make the learning and training process more efficient. The workbenches are a perfect way to initiate collaboration while learning and can be customized to fit your needs. Pucel also offers a wide variety of lockers and storage units that are used in the education industry for employees, students, and team members. 

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Pucel Enterprises products are featured in many departments of the automotive industry. The workbenches and standing desks offer a great way to integrate workstations in any department. From the training of your employees to the assembly line, Pucel Enterprises creates products that aid in making your workplace a fast and efficient environment.

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